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Fees      ---- " In the long run, a smart expensive, thorough home inspection will cost a whole lot less than a quick, cheap one!! "      If you are looking for a quick, cheap home inspection.... please do not email or call me for a quote.   Try the yellow pages, pennysaver, or Craigs List.  Thank you.  
Some of the topics of questions I am often asked...
If you are calling or emailing me to find the cheapest priced home inspection available, please be considerate and contact someone else! You get what you pay for. I believe I offer the most comprehensive (over double the info vs. any other company) home inspection & report in the business... period. If saving a hundred dollars on an inspection of probably the most important & expensive purchase in your life means that much, then please book your inspection with someone else. JUST REMEMBER: CHEAP PRICE INSPECTIONS COME WITH A PRICE! 
A cheap inspection report may end up just covering the basics.   In the end, you may end up really paying more on an hourly basis for a "cheap" inspection only to realize you got snookered/sold by a low price!  Once you move in after a cheap inspection, you WILL uncover issues that that cheap inspection missed....so you NEVER really save money in the end.   Hire the Sherlock of Homes  (A-1) ...NOT the Shylock of Homes!
Beware of misleading pricing schedules.... some companies quote the whole job with one fee and you never really know what the inspection portion costs.  Tests are tests ... not inspections.   A1 quotes each job separately.    Also, the inspectable square footage includes living and non living space.   So if you state the house is 1,900 sq feet over an unfinished basement, it really means the whole inspectable area is actually more like 2,750 sq feet.... unless of course you do not want the basement or crawlspace (with all the mechanicals and foundation etc.) included in the inspection.  ( I didn't think so)
Do not have your realtor call around for pricing... it's not really their job.  YOU are the one buying the property. YOU need to hire the BEST inspector for YOUR needs.   The realtor will not usually steer you to the best inspector because they only get paid if the deal moves forward and a commission check is drawn.  They also know the cheaper quick inspectors will do a lesser job because they offer a smaller report that is thin on facts. Please don't compromise your position by having the realtor shop or choose the inspector for you.  Call yourself and talk to the inspector.  If they give a list, call two companies and then make a descision.  It's interesting with the new NY Home Inspector Licensing Laws.... realtors are now " supposed" to give out at least three home inspection companies.... but can still steer you to their favorite lawyer, lender and contractor!   Hmmmm.   Folks....There is no law on the books that says 3 "names" have to be given out.
Each job I quote is on an individual basis depending on your needs, the size, age and complexity of the property and any relevent testing. You are encouraged to call me personally and discuss your specific needs and receive a personal quote. If it is more convenient, you may also send me an email by filling out our form located on our Contact Us page.      $$$  Visit  Special  Discount  Page for Web Savings   $$$

THE QUICKEST WAY TO OBTAIN A QUOTE IS TO CALL ME at 845-518-6494 (mobile/text) 8am to 8pm seven days a week. PLEASE NOTE: I try to personally answer 98.9% of my calls. So don't fret if you get my voicemail. I WILL call you back usually within the same business day. Please don't be pressured to book with the first live breathing inspection company that answers the phone... and make sure it's tomorrow type of hype. You pick who you want. Make sure they are qualified, and in the end, you will be glad you did. Don't just settle for an inspection booking agent.... speak to an inspector directly.  Thank you.

Just remember, cheap is ok if you're buying widgets. Price is usually a reflection of value. There are gougers out there in every profession.    True story:  I did an inspection in Westchester County once and was told by the buyers' agent that other local inspection companies would have blown through the house I did (in 2 1/2 hours) in about an hour...at a fee of  $400.    While I charged accordingly, the realtor was so impressed with my level of work that she told the listing agent about how much better I was at inspecting and how she should add me to the list of inspectors she gives out!   Based on the fees local inspectors charged, I should have charged $1,000.   Update... those realtors have never referred.... They really do not want a good lengthy
inspection....just the basics.   Sad.   You know who loses?  You the customer that's who. 

I do not lowball (or "Package")my fees and then strong arm customers into paying for every enviromental test known to man to pad my income. I also do not show up with a gang of people and run through a home in 1 to 2 hours just to please the realtors! Bottom line... you hire me, you get me (no franchise, intern, part-time , or cookie cutter inspectors here!)

Call A-1 Home Inspection and put the "Sherlock of Homes" to work for YOU!  Otherwise, you may just end up with the Shylock of Homes.   Call today.....You will be glad you did!!

Still not convinced? Click on my Testimonials page next and then call me.

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