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Stand alone or with a regular inspection, mold can be found in any home. Having a Certified Mold Inspector (not NYS licensed)on the job
is a plus. In addition, you avoid hiring another specialist who may test and clean up mold.... a conflict of interest for sure!
A-1 is certified to inspect and test for mold.
Some things to consider about mold:
It's in every home/building environment. Greater than 10 sq. feet of suspected mold is hazardous.
If the mold sample comes back positive for a penicillin species and the occupants are pen allergic,
it's not a real good situation. Excessive mold in any species is not acceptable to occupants especially
if anyone has a history of asthma and/or allergies.
It's always a cleanable situation (DO NOT USE BLEACH TO CLEAN MOLD see EPA.org website)

I AM SEEING MORE AND MORE INADEQUATE CLEAN UP JOBS!!    BE Careful who you choose.  Be sure to have an independent inspection and retest conducted by A1 to give you piece of mind.
How it got there is an entirely different matter and is discussed at all A1 Home Inspections. How to prevent its return
is also communicated to each A1 customer.
Remediation (professional cleanup) is an unregulated business profession in NY State.
If a mold problem is confirmed by a certified lab, you should get at least two written quotes for cleanup.
Different cleaners/methods are used by different companies. Some companies use more "green" products.
Warranties vary from company to company.
Companies will travel to do cleanup jobs.... DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY CHOOSE THE CLOSEST OR CHEAPEST COMPANY
DO NOT HAVE THE REMEDIATION COMPANY DO POST- CLEARANCE POST CLEANING TESTING!   It's a conflict of interest! And against new NYS licensing laws! Be careful as some re mediators have opend up new "assessor" divisions!!!
An independent company (A1) should be used for obvious reasons. DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY USE A CLEANUP COMPANY WHO ALSO OFFERS TO TEST. KEEP THEM SEPARATE.... or you may just end up
spending hundreds or thousands of dollars before you know what happened. One stop shopping in this unregulated business
is not a great idea. I have had people call me almost in tears because they have spent hundreds of dollars on tests and now
are facing multiple clean up estimates that are thousands of dollars apart!!!!
UPDATE:   There is an increasing frequency of inadequate mold remediation.   I am receiving and conducting more calls to do post clearance testing.  In
several cases, the cleanup was either inadequate OR it made the situation worse!..  Please beware!

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