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So you are NEW to the real estate sales biz are you? Congrats for enduring the licensing course and test! Hopefully you have a mentor assigned to you or have one in mind by now. Great, If not, please read on......
Fast forward.... 

You have just landed your first sales binder offer! Now what?

Time to refer that client to a "qualified" licensed home inspector.

Tips to consider for your first (and more to follow) sales events:

* Are you told who to use (by your award winning pro/mentor) or give out as names for inspectors, OR have you interviewed the ones listed on the company directory OR maybe you are flying without out a net and let the customer thumb through the yellow pages on their own? OR maybe just towing the company line and giving out (the proverbial "3" companies) or just the "approved" xerox list without checking up on the inspector credential package yourself.   Perhaps your broker said to only use the preferred vendor list.  Why you did not ask because they must be on the "list" for a valid reason... Yes, it's called the pay to play program.   Wonder what  NYSAR would say about that deal....

* If you have never been on an inspection, book your first home inspection with me... you too will be educated and informed just like your clients should be, and how your inspector should engage in discussion with the clients! After all, aren't we in the "people" business??

OF COURSE, ALL BETS ARE OFF IF YOU'RE JUST IN IT FOR THE MONEY... you will choose the water-downed, softball pitching home inspector who won't rock the boat, that pass every house,  or ever kill a deal.  I just wish you well, and please, do not refer your customers to me, I like to sleep at night. Thank you!
* Left side of the mouth talking:  " I MUST give out 3 home inspector names because it's the "law".    Right side of the mouth talking:  " not only can I sell/find (you a) your house, but we will even help the buyer with our convenient " in-house"  mortgage, insurance, and relo services to provide a quicker streamline closing process!!"   Do you see anything wrong with this picture??  Please keep an ethical perspective.  I know you might have a franchise "quota".... I just ask for inclusion in the process.  Thank you.

* Serious professional thought should go into who you refer out for very good reasons: whoever you refer  could be seen as a direct professional extension as to how 'you' conduct business. (i.e. end up with a poor inspection, it'll reflect poorly on you).

* Make sure the inspector is licensed,certified, insured, bonded and has experience to do the task at hand, AND stays within the scope of the intended inspection job.

* Oh, and wouldn't it be a bonus if the inspector had people skills? After all, aren't we in the people business? Do you really want to end up with a trainee who can't engage the customer ("don't bother me, I'm inspecting!") or just as bad... "I am THE expert, don't challenge me! Just let me go back to inspecting [grunt]".   Don't question me,  I work for the customer etc.   A-1 welcomes first time home buyers and new agents.

* Place A-1 Home Inspection Services LLC on your short list... you will be glad you did! My E&O insurance has always covered referrals from realtor related professionals.
*None,  the house in its current condition will kill any deal on its own.     Perfect reason to have A1 do a presale
home inspection and be proactive in this flooded market.
Advantages to your sellers:  Speeds the sale, offers piece of mind, adds value/differentiates the property among competing listings, maintains value during listing, increases buyers satisfaction....
Advantages to buyers:   Promotes confidence in purchase & protects their future investment.   Gives them a VALID reason to preview the house as the seller has made a special effort to have the listing preinspected.  RELO companies do it....why not non-relo listings? 

Finally, please feel free to visit the Veteran Realtors page on this site. Afterall, if you are in it for the long haul like I am you will become a veteran! "Your Sherlock of Homes" Call  845-518-6494 (mobile/text) today!

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