A-1 Home Inspection Services, LLC Staatsburg NY

Services Offered

  • Residential Inspections (single or multi family)
  • Commercial/Mixed Use Inspections
  • Buried oil tank, water, septic/cesspool/leachfield locator service
  • Condo, Townhomes, Mobile Homes
  • Sellers Pre-Sale, Pre-certified Inspections
  • Home Energy Tune Up Inspections
  • Yearly Home Maintenance Inspections
  • Estate Inspections for defects - Helps to market the property
  • Environmental Testing (soil, ponds, streams)
  • Certified Mold Inspections and Testing
  • Post Clearance Mold cleanup inspections and testing
  • Radon Screening (EPA standards)
  • Water Testing for Lead and Bacteria, MTBE, FHA series, radon etc.
  • Water Flow Test - hose bibb guages
  • Well Shocking and Retest (well head above grade only)
  • Combustible Gas Leak/Screening
  • Carbon Monoxide Level Detection
  • Septic Dye Test
  • O
  • Certified EPA lead paint RRP inspections and testing
  • Water intrusion/ moisture metering
  • Pest Overview as Part of Full Inspection Only
  • Preventive Maintenance Inspections
  • Limited Scope Partial Inspections
  • Consultations on renovation ideas/concepts
  • One year new construction inspections
  • Safe Home Inspections and retrofits
  • Energy Conservation inspections and retrofits
  • Safe Sr. citizen home inspections Reg. $195, now  $99 (restrictions apply)
  • Great gift idea for your loved ones!
  • Weekend/Seasonal vacation home inspections
  • Season change home maintenance inspections
  • 2nd opinion home inspections
  • 2nd opinion well and radon and mold testing
  • Pre and Post clearance mold inspection and testing
Please note: Finally, my services are neither quick nor cheap.  So if you are looking for a quick, cheap inspection, please call the other company.
I try to book inspections asap within everyone's schedule as much as possible, same day inspections available.

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