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Sample sent upon request.
I will guarantee that you will receive over 200-300% more valuable information from your inspection with me than with any other company/inspector.  Other companies might give you a paragraph on say... electrical.   Your report from my inspection will provide a whole page of intel... and isn't that what you hired me for in the first place?   Exactly!!
I do not use a software driven boilerplate report system laden with paragraphs of disclaimers, meaningless mumbo jumbo and often littered with so many photos you wonder if you paid for an inspection or a photo shoot!   Any lawyer worth their salt representing a client will also tell you text trumps pictures every time.  Photos are most valuable if you are not present at the inspection.  I do take them for certain circumstances ... as needed.
Trust me, I've seen many of these reports and they are very light on content.  Believe me, you're not getting what you paid for.
Nuff said, end of story! Call 845-518-6494

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