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"It's been six months since Gin and I closed on the house in Tuxedo.  There have been no surprises since we moved in, which I attribute to the thorough and diligent inspection you carried out.  You were outside the usual list of referrals from my agent, but I went with you, in large part, because of the detailed questions you asked me over the phone when I called.  Most of the companies I called had a receptionist provide boilerplate answers regarding the inspection.  Among other things, how can they possibly estimate the length of time required if they don't know how big the house is, or when it was built?
Thanks again.  I'll be happy to recommend you to anyone looking for an inspector and would certainly be pleased to provide a reference if any potential clients are looking for one.'   G. Alexander Jones, M.D. 
" I greatly appreciated the thorough manner in which you approached the inspection of our new home.  I also appreciated your interest in both speaking with me before the inspection to determine what my needs and concerns might be and also your willingness to make yourself available to my husband Keith to answer any questions he might have had.  As this was the first home for both of us, and as Keith was unable to attend the inspection, it was a comfort to know that he could speak with you himself about any questions and/or concerns he might have had.   You addressed all of my concerns that day, and more, and I felt like you gave our new home the attention and complete review it deserved.  I felt I left that day with a very good understanding of the condition of our new home."  Nicole Garwood, Garwood Events, NYC
" Very attentive.  Explained process and findings very well."   Chris Westley 
" Hi Dave,  Without hesitation, we would have no problem recommending you to other customers.  Your professionalism is commendable."
       Joan Arcieri, Marie D'Ambroso - veteran realtors,  Westchester/Putnam counties
" Very thorough.  Took extra time to answer all questions.  I learned alot about the house.  I was taught some things I
  never knew."  Frank Mercogliano 
" Thorough, friendly, immediate, competent service."  Candee Chousid 
" The best, consistent service and inspection ever."  Yassir Morshed 
" We were first time home buyers and with your thoroughness and attention to detail, you really helped to jumpstart our
  education.  Without your sharp eyes, the buried oil tank would never have come to light.  We would recommend you
  without hesitation to anyone in the market for a house."  Noah Elkin, Barbara Kowitzmer 
" Liked the organization, participating in the walk thru, continuing corresponding and misc. services."  Nora & Scott Fischer  
" We loved your prompt service and your wonderful professional attitude.  We also appreciated your attention to small
  details and explanations."  Bonnie Deffenbach 
"  My husband and I thought you were very nice and very professional.  We will recommend you to our friends. 
   We thought your service was perfect.  Do not change anything.  Keep up the good work."  Seda & Dave Caffery 
" Very knowledgable.  Responsive, fast service.  This was important to us living outside the area."  Sharlene Oyagi 
" You provided a thorough, intelligent inspection.  You were prompt with test results and straightforward about all aspects
   of the inspection.  It could not have been better service."  Ian Carnow 
" You were extremely professional, organized, and thorough."  Ira Levine 
" We appreciated your thoroughness, and honesty.  You explained the entire process clearly without talking down to us."
   Karen Cavanaugh, Jen Smith 
" You are my guy.  When I do have a customer, you are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd inspector on my list."  Ernie 
" Very thorough, interested and involved in the entire process start to finish."  Kim Bach, Bonnie Deffenbach 
" Fast AND thorough."  Howard Rubinstein
" Very detailed, confident.  You checked all the nooks and crannies!"  Al Hallgren
" You were smart, reliable, through and likable!"    Alyce Olsen
" I was able to shadow you.  This showed confidence.  You answered all questions in detail"   Joe Zanotelli
"Your attention to detail and followup were great!  Thank you."    Christine Kosior 
" Prompt, conscientious, thorough service.  This is the second time I've used A-1 and would use you again!"  Steve Wein 

"100% satisfaction from beginning to end. Would refer to friends. Thank you."  Sharon & Samuel Thomas - Ulster County

Would use your services again and suggest to friends. "Very informative & answered all my questions."

Ben Bryan. Multifamily/investor purchaser - Orange County

Would use your services again and suggest to friends. "Excellent! Good report format, good follow up. Very thorough."

Sarah Sakomoto - First time home buyer (NYC).

Would use your services again and suggest to friends. "We liked how thorough your service was and how descriptive you were... with questions we had." Rob & Audrey Scott - Ulster County

Would use your services again/refer to friends. "Thorough, competent, friendly." Erica Nance & Anthony Katz. Mixed use rental/retail bldg. Columbia County

Would use your services again/refer to friends. "Quick, thorough, explanations of procedure, keeping it simple to understand, open options of what to inspect and why." Frank Saverese, Sr. - Dutchess County

Would use your services again and suggest to friends. "I liked how you answered my questions and the fact that you taught me alot about our purchase. Thank you for your hard work and dedication." Would use your services again and suggest to friends. Mike Truffo -Relocation to Ulster County

Would use your services again/refer to a friend. "As we went through the inspection, things were explained as you were doing it. You answered questions in laymans terms and were very thorough." First time homebuyers - Santina & Michael Frontino - Dutchess County

Would use your services again/refer to a friend. "very detailed, follow up phone calls, recommedations for improvements appreciated. Piece of mind after completed. Thank You!" Indira Bachelet (not present at actual inspection) - Dutchess County.

Would use your services again/refer to friends. "Total service was outstanding!" Albert Crum, MD - Several homes inspected - Dutchess County.

" I felt David fully educated me on the home I was purchasing in a way I could understand right at the inspection so that there were no "surprises." As a real estate agent myself, I know how important this is." Meg Ehmann, Win Morrison Realty, Ulster County.

"Personable and thorough. Made it easy to understand. Good documentation left behind. Trusted information." Michael/Laureen Saldemarco, Dutchess County.

"Houses don't come with instructions, you, Dave, helped me figure them out." Mike Dwyer, Ulster County

"Prompt, courteous, knowledgeable, personable, professional." Carlos R. Lantis, Orange Cty.

"Explained everything in laymans terms. Written report easy to follow. Very, professional, accessible in person and by phone, followup & references." Ira/Pam Gottlieb, Columbia County.

"Your presentation was excellent. We enjoyed your professional expetise." Ginger Baig,NYC

"The inspection in Stockport kept us from making a huge mistake. You found MAJOR issues in the home! The owner didn't even know he had and as well as issues he was ABSOLUTELY trying to hide. Erik/Maureen Heplar NYC

"Very thorough & open to questions. Left us with a high level of comfort of knowledge, integrity and honesty." Stephan Lang, Westchester county.

"You were excellent! I appreciated your letting me walk thru the process with you. I learned alot!!" Sandy Martino, Dutchess County

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