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So, you've been in the trenches in the busy & lean months, years, high mortgage rates, eras/cycles and you're still at it. Congratulations!

And, let me guess, you have your favorite one or two home inspectors that you use on a regular basis even though you give out 3 cards? Thats' ok, really. Especially if your inspector(s) "pass"  every house. If it's not broken, why fix it they say.

So far so good, or is it really?

Every week in the trenches I hear stories (horror and otherwise) of everything from: citing "code", nitpicking to death, pie in the sky "ballpark" estimating, ill-used adjectives, price gouging especially in the new "mold" testing/remediation bonanza! And on and on it goes.

You know what? Things change and maybe it's time for a change... in your inspector line up that is. Add A-1 Home Inspections...

Ask yourself why you still give out business cards or names of inspectors you really shouldn't be using anymore... because their performance can be linked to you potentially, especially if you referred your clients to them. Sometimes the more seasoned an inspector gets, the more cocky and over the top the process becomes.    And, it they don't carry E&O insurance that covers you referring to them.... you are at risk.

CHANGE IS A GOOD THING! Put A-1 Home Inspection in your lineup.  Contact me for a supply of cards and/or brochures.
845-518-6494 (mobile/text)

Here's a great question... Do you always give out inspector names who skim, minimalize every defect or always seem to "pass" a home.... just so you can close more deals and get that coveted "producers" award?? Who really wins here? The client? Not really. 

Ever wonder why E&O insurance is higher for some brokerages vs. others???  Makes you wonder.

Come on now, is it really about how much an inspection costs or how long and inspection takes that matters... to the CLIENT? Question: Which inspection takes longer... one where the inspector blows through the average home in about one to two hours and gives a "report" that "passes" (or gives a "basic" report on the spot), OR a more thorough inspector (A-1) who spends the right amount of time on each job and presents a "meaningful" useful paper-based report on the spot and keeps things things in the proper perspective?

Shouldn't the responsibility of hiring the right inspector for a a client rest with the client? Is giving yourself a high five for finding or only listing the cheapest inspectors for your client really worth it?

Ever wonder why you are still keeping inspectors on any list whose time line to conduct an inspection may be "quick", but their time- line to hand over a "meaningful" inspection report much later?  Better yet how about a relatively meaningless boilerplate report with 1/3 mumbo jumbo, 1/3 disclaimers and the remaining 1/3 triple spaced basic information that's already on the mls... 
It's ok to like pictures, but photos should not replace more meaningful text...ever. A home inspection is not supposed to make your job easier. A good inspection is supposed to make your clients more... not less educated!   The best type of report is a combination checklist/narrative type (A-1 uses this type).   The report shouldn't be an exercise in a game of "pictionary".    Photos can be looked at in many different angles. 

CHANGE IS A GOOD THING! Put A-1 Home Inspection in your lineup.

Ever ask yourself if the inspector you or your clients end up using is licensed, certified, e&o insured including referral coverage, liability insured, bonded, and a member of at least one nationally recognized professional inspection organization?   NY does not require inspectors to carry E&O insurance.   A-1 has E&O insurance.

CHANGE IS A GOOD THING! Put A-1 Home Inspection in your lineup and you will have just added the "Sherlock of Homes" to your list!

As they always say.... Good Luck and Good Selling!   
 ANSWER:    NONE .... the house condition on its own
will kill the deal ....     
 A PERFECT EXAMPLE AS TO WHY SELLERS (and listing agents) should insist on having a pre-sale home
inspection conducted by A1.....   Use the report as a marketing tool, fix areas of major concern, and show
due diligence, kick competing homes in the same price point/neighboring area out of contention..... all in the
one fell swoop!      
NEW BENEFIT WITH A-1 .....a seller's 120 day limited warranty on major house components when they have
A-1 conduct a pre-sale inspection!!      Call A-1 today and put the Sherlock of Homes to work for your client! 
Seller benefits:  Speeds the sale * Offers piece of mind  * Adds value   * Maintains value during listing period
                                      * Increased buyers satisfaction.............
Also, a buyer's 90 day limited warranty!   Foundation, heating, wiring, some major appliances, roof leaks and more....... Why take chances?    Now you and your customers can have piece of mind with A1.
Advantages to buyer:   * Promotes confidence in purchase   * Provides coverage subject to limitations
    *  No deductibles   * Affordable    * Protects your budget............ 

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