Home Inspection Services

General Structure

I will inspect the foundation for cracks, water intrusion, displacement and any other potential defects or degradation of the structure.


Floors, Main Beam, sill Plates, stairways, ceilings, Walls, and support column, wood destroying insect and wood rot damage

Does the floor have excessive bounce or resonance? Is the main beam properly supported and of proper type?

Heating Systems

Dangerous carbon monoxide levels can be fatal in a matter of minutes. I will inspect using a carbon monoxide meter to detect dangerous levels within the home as well as inspect flue pipe conditions for perforations. Many heating systems when not properly maintained can cause inefficiency and mechanical breakdown. I will inspect the operational status, service history, and check for dangerous leaks if a gas fired unit is present. I will also inspect the proper distribution of the heating system zones.



The condition of the roofing material and stage of life will be assessed. The number of layers and also roof penetrations such as skylights will be evaluated. Interior inspection will include infrastructure, leak history evidence and potential mold from poor ventilation and/or low insulation factors.


I will inspect siding material and condition, trim and doors, windows and screens for damage. The main entry porch, decks and balconies will be inspected for condition and construction abnormalities.

Major Appliances

While excluded from state inspection standards I will confirm the operational status of major appliances present. Any gas fired appliance will be checked for gas leaks using a gas leak detector.


Garages, sheds, pool cabanas, and barns will be inspected for structural condition, roof condition, electrical wiring, and current use utility.


This is the artery and veins of the house. If not working properly major damage can happen. I will inspect water pipe type, condition of water and water flow as well as hot water temperature. I will also examine waste pipes for decay, leakage and pitch. If a private water supply is present a water sample will be collected for lab testing.


This system is the lifeline of the house. In my experience over 90% of homes have improperly wired electrical outlets. Branch wiring and main and sub electrical panels will be evaluated, along with circuit protection such as circuit breakers and fuses. I will also inspect the service feed to the home, panels and outbuildings.


Safety Devices

Ground fault outlets near sinks and wet locations will be inspected and tested. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors will be inspected for operational status. NYS requires one working smoke and CO detector minimum for purchase and sale.


Chimneys and Fireplaces

The exterior masonry condition will be inspected. The construction and integrity of the chimney along with any fireplaces will be examined. Often firebox deterioration, missing rain caps and unsafe creosote buildup can be of concern.

Environmental Concerns

I will look for evidence of buried oil tank history and recommend tank testing for in use buried fuel tanks. I use a special technique designed to find potential buried oil tank locations. Friable (loose, falling apart) asbestos conditions will also be discussed when present. Lead testing is available for an additional charge when requested. Potential unsafe mold conditions will be reported as discovered.


Driveway conditions, walkway type and condition, along with perimeter trees and shrubs, retaining walls and fences will be evaluated.

Pools and Spas

Above and in ground pools and spas, with covers removed, and in current use will be inspected for safety and general condition. Off season pools and spas will be inspected in “as is” condition.