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You will receive over 200-300% more valuable information with A1 vs. any other home inspection company...without paying double! Enough said. End of story!   Call (845) 518-6494 for your inspection, private well testing, mold/air quality testing and more... today!
  WHY CHOOSE David Andrick @A-1 HOME INSPECTION?       
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"I was referred to David by a "buyers agent" who was representing us in our search for a country home.  As the agent put it "he's the only one I would use to inspect my house!"  He was right.  Dave was very thorough, he sat down to explain all aspects of his inspection and even contacted me weeks later to see how everything turned out.  Most importantly, he is independent ---.  Dave works for you and I highly recommend him.  A. Tessier NYC customer (Columbia county purchase)   Call A1:  845-518-6494 now!
My personal guarantee....you will receive over TWICE (double/200%/two times) the valuable information about any given home when you have A1 conduct your inspection vs.any other inspection company...without paying double.   PERIOD!    Others may talk the talk...and maybe give you a paragraph on say the roof, plumbing, heating, electrical areas... I provide you with a PAGE of valuable info!!     Get what you pay for!!  Why settle for less??  Cheap price, cheap inspection, minimal info!   Don't you want the BEST inspection possible for your hard earned dollars?   I may charge more in some cases...but YOU WILL ALWAYS GET MORE INTEL WITH DAVID @ A1 GUARANTEED.
MYTH BUSTER:  The purpose of a home inspection is not whether the house will "PASS OR FAIL,"   It's how much new intel will be provided to better inform you.                                                                                                               
INDEPENDENT MOLD TEST SAMPLING CONDUCTED..... Don't Let mold get out of hand especially with the recent floods.  Prof. cleanups can cost thou$and$ of dollar$.
I have even seen where just the quotes are thousands of dollars apart!  I look for possible mold issues...but without the hysteria or emotional pitch.   Don't assume it's mold, confirm it with an inspection and lab testing.  
FLASH 1:  NATIONAL RADON AWARENESS MONTH (JAN.) - Reg. stand alone testing is $150 ,$99  JAN, FEB, MAR  --- special   Limitations apply. 
FLASH 2:  "W.H.O." recommends new lower radon action level thresholds to 1/3 of previous action levels to lower lung cancer risk of homeowners (9/22/09 Minn. Post & WHO site).  Note:  U.S. EPA has not yet adopted this new lower standard.
FLASH #3 :  New Carbon Monoxide (CO) "Amanda's Law" - NY State law requires all 1-2 family property, apartments, condos, cooperative apartments, multiple dwellings that have appliances,devices or systems that may emit CO and/or has an attached garage must have a working CO detector.   This is in addition to the previous "listed only for sale" provision.
FLASH #4:  NYS adopts NEC 2008 electric codes (residential 1 & 2 family) Dec. 28, 2010.  Is your electrician up to date on the new codes?   
Flash #5... I have received several calls from (New York City) property owners experiencing Carbon monoxide levels which tripped their detectors, Fire dept. was called, limited findings, then the owners called me and I was able in all cases to uncover the source(s).  Unlike radon, CO takes but a few minutes to cause harm OR death!... Call A1 to be sure!
Flash #6.... EPA lead paint rules 2010...unless you are a DIY homeowner, your contractor needs to be EPA/RRP certified to work on pre 1978 homes with greater than 10 sq. ft of disturbed surface.  That means at least one person on the job needs to have completed a qualified  EPA approved RRP course on lead paint...period.  EPA has put the "burden" on the contractor level to have completed and keep up on lead paint removal, abatement etc... David @ A1 can inspect and test before and after your planned renovations.... call us first...and last!
Short sales, foreclosures, auction properties, first time home buyers ... you "really" need to hire "The Sherlock of Homes!"  What may seem like a really good deal at the forefront could end up becoming a really deep money pit!  CALL 845-518-6494 NOW!
Contemplating choosing  the "over 15-30 years renovating/builder construction-experience turned-inspector" professional?
Please think twice.... how many houses have they "INSPECTED" let alone built over that time period?  They sub most of their work out and rely on the local municipal "inspector" to "check"their work.  Are you in need of a builder/renovator/contractor,  OR an INSPECTOR?
So I would ask you to  ponder again, are they a experienced home builder or an experienced inspector?  Building and inspecting are two different endpoints...and ironically, most builders (and many realtors) don't think ANY new construction needs to be independently inspected.  I cannot remember the last time I was warmly greeted by a new construction builder on an inspection site.   So, now after an epiphany... many " contractors " are becoming inspectors all of a sudden (and conveniently still do contracting work!) Hmm, do you smell conflict of interest here? Rethink my friends...or as my young daughter would say....oh,good grief!!  Call 845-518-6494 NOW!

Welcome to A-1 Home Inspection Services, LLC... where you will find a reputation of expertise, attention to personal service, and a thoroughness that results in the utmost satisfaction. My commitment is to you, the customer, and this has been my focus for many years.   Thousands of satisfied customers!    Don't take my word for it. Just check out  the testimonial page!   Also, please read the "Buyers Beware, 1st Time or Not Page"   Whether a commercial or residential inspection is needed, I will have YOUR best interests in mind!   Please do not be convinced to waive an inspection just because the property is for sale in "as is" condition.  Short sales and foreclosure properties especially need the expert inspection once over! 
Don't get stuck with a blind inspector,  someone in training,  or  just any inspector from a group... nor should you automatically choose a prior builder or tradesperson.   Most home builders might have built (completed) say 60 homes in 20 years time....    A-1 has professionally "INSPECTED" over 2,500 homes and counting!!    Ask yourself, do you want to hire a  "veteran licensed inspector" OR a "tradesperson" ?    Call A1:  845-518-6494 now!
 Pleaaase, if you are looking for a cheap, quick/FAST home inspector ( words which should never be considered in ANY home inspection) YOU WILL NOT GET A THOROGH INSPECTION...just a CHEAP one!    Please don't email or call me for a quote!!   Why not try the yellow pages (do they still exist?) or a family "contractor friend" WITHOUT home inspection experience!   They may save (spend) your money in the short term..but could cost you thousand$ in the long term!  Better yet, call me (845) 518-6494 and I will refer you to the cheapo priced inspectors you may not even know about ...advertising themselves as such!   I guarantee you a thorough inspection AND a report with 200-300% more meaningful/useful information.  Do I charge 200% more than other lower minimum standard reporting inspectors....no.   Will ALWAYS you get your moneys worth and more with A1, YES!   Enough said, end of story... CALL 845-518-6494 TODAY!.
As a full-service, sole proprietor company, I personally provide comprehensive building inspections and environmental testing services. Since 2001, locally owned....I've been helping thousands of people make informed decisions about their home or building purchases or ownership, both residential and light mixed use commercial.  I' ve been providing home energy saving tips embedded in my reports for years... to help reduce your carbon footprint!   I do not subcontract out any part of the inspection process, nor do I bring any contractors to the inspection site.

Please browse this site (especially the buyers beware page) and contact me directly with any questions you may have. Phone calls:  845-518-6494 are the quickest way to contact me.  Leave a voicemail if necessary.  I do call backs!   Thanks for dropping by!

*Full Structural (all accessible major components), well water, radon, mold, lead, asbestos, carbon monoxide, combustible gases, pests,indoor air quality and more......
Serving:     Buyers, Sellers, Owners, Renters, Estates
******    I  EXPOSE THE FACTS -- PERIOD !  ********
Picture to the right illustrates probably the most dangerous part of a home inspection!   Something you should never do!!!
David Andrick, Pres.
NY/ Conn. License #16000011479/514
Celebrating FOURTEEN  YEARS of professional excellence!   Put 'The Sherlock of Homes' to work for you!    Weekend inspections available.   NEW YORK CITY /LONG ISLAND area customers and first time home buyers are the majority of my client base!  Reports exceed all national and NACHI and NY/CONN. standards!
My service area includes the Mid Hudson Valley New York: Albany, Rensselaer, Columbia, Dutchess, Greene, Ulster, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Westchester counties, Bronx, Manhattan, Western Connecticut, Vermont and beyond! Anywhere you need me ---- I'll be there!     Just remember....with regards to home inspections...in the long run,  " A smart extensive one will cost a whole lot less than a quick and cheap one."
Long Island, Vermont, Upstate NY....bring it on! ....  St. Martin NA, well let's say there would be a travel charge for sure!
"I would not buy a home or property without 1st having Dave from A1 Home Inspection inspect it.  He is without a doubt at the top of the list.  He made us comfortable that the properties were either fit or unfit to buy.  Then we made a much better decision.  The inspection is from A to Z and everything in between.  It is the best money you will ever spend."  Brett Gold NYC customer. (Rhinebeck purchase)
"It's been six months since we closed on the house in Tuxedo.  There have been no surprises...which I attribute to your diligent inspection.  I went with you in large part because of the detailed questions you asked when I called.  Most other companies had a receptionist provide boilerplate answers.  Thanks again and I would certainly be pleased to provide a reference if any potential clients are looking for one." (Rockland county purchase)   G. Alexander Jones, M.D.    Call A1: 845-518-6494 now!
Other locations available upon request. Call to schedule.  Register for courses online at www.homeinspectorceu.com

NOTE: 2017 CEU class local charitable causes:   Please bring a nonperishable food item for the local food pantry and/or clean used towels and pet food for the SPCA.   Thank you and thanks to those who have already donated!!  Other charitable causes A1 has supported: Ulster/Greene ARC, American Heart Association, Rebuilding Together, Junior League, Alzheimer's Association, Grace Smith House, Camp Ramapo, Dutchess and Ulster SPCA, Equine Rescue, Starr Library Rhinebeck, Rhinebeck Science Foundation, Wilderstein, Hyde Perk PBA, Church of the Messiah, Family Services, National Child Safety Council, Rhinebeck Lions Club, Rhinebeck Rotary Club,MidHudson Regional Hospital, Honor Flight, Greystone, Millbrook Education Foundation, WAMC, Bardavon Opera House, Rhinebeck Chamber of Commerce, Southlands Foundation, Ulster and Dutchess Board of Realtors...


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